Tips for a Better Sleep in your RV

Get the rest you need on the road and at the campsite with these tips for a better night’s sleep in your RV.

Layouts matter

When buying an RV, consider how the layout will work at bedtime and in the morning. If you’re not the first one up in your family and don’t want to be woken early, you’ll want a bedroom with a door rather than a completely open plan. A separate bunkroom for the kids or bunks with curtained openings are also great for providing a quiet and comfortable sleeping area for family members with earlier bedtimes.

Keep seasonal bedding 

Have options on hand for both warm and cold nights. Use cool cotton sheets and lightweight comforters in the summer, and cozy flannel sheets with heavy throw blankets when the weather turns chilly.

Upgrade your mattress

If you’re waking up stiff and sore, or have just purchased a used RV, treat yourself to an RV Traveler’s Choice mattress. Made from durable, high density posturized foam, it provides long lasting comfort to help you get a good night’s sleep. Visit our website to see the benefits of each model and shop online, or stop by your local RV Care dealer to try one out.

Bring the comforts of home 

When travelling with kids, a familiar pillow, blanket and stuffed animal will make bedtime look and feel more familiar. 

Keep things level and stable

It’s hard to have a comfortable sleep when your RV isn’t level or if it’s rocking whenever someone gets up or rolls over. Follow our helpful setting up camp the right way with RV Traveler’s Choice. 

Choose a quiet site

Consider nighttime noises when picking your campsite. Although you can’t predict noisy neighbours, you can choose a site further from a main road or communal facilities.

Mattress Size 

RV mattresses come in many shapes and sizes, varying based on the length and width of the unit. If you’re tall, you may want to avoid the short queen size. While it is similar to a standard queen in width, it is usually 5 inches shorter, which may cause your feet to hang off the end.

Keep your RV dark 

Add blackout blinds or window coverings to your RV if the early morning sunlight has everyone waking up at dawn. 

Need RV sleep solutions? Visit the pros at your local RV Care dealer. Happy Camping!

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