Spring Garden Ideas for Full-Time RVers

If you love to garden, RV living doesn’t have to mean leaving your plantsbehind.Mobile container gardening isperfect for full-time RV living or life on the road, so check out our ideas and tips for growing on the go.

Think inside the pot

Container gardens can come in all shapes and sizes, and are completely customizable to your desires and space. From hanging flower baskets to pots of veggies, you can bring along a smaller version of almost anything you like to growat home.

Keep it light

If you’ll be travelling often with your garden, make sure the size and weight of the pots you choose are easily transportable. Opt for lightweight material when choosing your containers, going for plastic rather than ceramic or terracotta. They will be easier to lift, and add less to your RV’s weight.Fabric grow bagsare also a great choice. They have handles for easy portability, are super light, andcan be emptied, cleaned, and stored flatat the end of the growing season.

Choose container-friendly plant varieties

Even vegetables like tomatoes, beans, peasor cucumbers can thrive in container gardens, if you choose the right varieties. Choose bush varieties rather than climbing, dwarf varieties, or ones that specify that they are good for containers. Herbs do well in pots, look beautiful, and as a bonus, you’ve got fresh flavours to cook or mix cocktails with on the road.

Choose flexible plants

Will your location vary over the season? Choose plants that are happy in a range of sun exposures, and can tolerate some shade.

Tips for safe transport

When it’s time to pack up and hit the road, make sure you have a plan for transport. Pack your containers in plastic bins to contain any water drips or soil spills, or secure with straps to prevent tipping. Your RV’s shower or tub could also be a great location to securely stow your plants while on the road.

Are you an RV garden specialist? If so, let us know your tips and trick on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.

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