8 Helpful RV Winter Storage Tips

Is your RV ready for its seasonal slumber? Check out our 8 helpful winter storage tips!

1. Get it squeaky-clean

Take time to wash away all of the gathered dirt and grime before storage. Arm yourself with these powerful RV Care Approved cleaning products that will get the job done well.

2. Inspect your RV’s sealant 

The best way to prevent water damage from failing sealant is with regular inspections. At least twice a year is recommended, so make it a habit to inspect and clean all seals before and after storage.

3. Clear out the food

Don’t leave any tasty treats for rodents over the winter months. Be sure to clear out your cupboards and fridge.

4. Winterize your water system

Prevent your pipes from freezing during the cold months. Don’t forget to winterize your water system before storage.

5. Take care of your tires  

Store your RV on blocks to remove the weight from the tires, or choose a firm, clean, well-drained and level area to keep the pressure on each tire distributed evenly. Be sure to keep your tires properly inflated, and use tire covers or a piece of plywood to prevent UV damage.

6. Reduce humidity

As temperatures drop outside, humidity can become a problem in your RV. Use dehumidifying crystals to soak up excess moisture.   

7. Don’t forget to care for your battery

Batteries naturally self-discharge while not in use. When storing your battery over the winter months you need to minimize the degree of discharge in order to keep it in good working order. Check out these simple storage procedures you can follow that will extend the life of your battery.

8. Cover it up!

If your RV normally spends the season exposed to the elements, we think it’s time to explore the many benefits of investing in an RV cover. A good cover will keep your RV decals from premature fading, make spring cleaning a breeze, and more.

Questions about storing your RV for the winter? Talk to the experts at your local RV Care Dealership!

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