Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur le nettoyage des réservoirs d’eaux usées de votre VR

An unglamorous but important side of RV maintenance, keep foul odours at bay with tank treatments. While the black water tank is an obvious culprit for smells, don’t forget about the grey water tank. You want to treat each tank separately to combat odour and buildup.

Grey Water Tank Treatment

A grey water tank odour eliminator will put a stop to any bad smells originating from the grey water tank, vents and drain traps. While the grey tank doesn’t contain sewage, the mingling dishwater and shower water can create quite a stink. 

A grey water tank treatment will also prevents the accumulation of grease, fats and soap scum inside your tank, making cleaning and maintenance easier. 

Black water tank treatment 

For obvious reasons, you don’t want to skip treating your black water tank. Not only will the smell of sewage be unpleasant, but build up on the inside of your tank can cause the sensor to read full when it isn’t.  

Black water tank treatments come in several different forms including liquid, powder or pre-packaged drop-ins. The treatment is poured down the toilet into a clean, empty tank, along with a bit of water, so that it is not just the chemical sitting in your tank.

Be aware that not all products are created equal. Some will only mask odours, while others are made to also break down waste and prevent buildup, so be sure to read the labels and ask for advice to choose the best one. Using one that will breakdown waste and keep your tank’s walls and sensor clear is the best for maintaining a clean tank.

Find tank treatments at your local RV Care Dealership 

Start your camping season with freshly cleaned tanks and an effective tank treatment. We recommend the RV-BOSS™ line of grey and black tank treatment products.  They work to eliminate odours, breakdown waste, clean your tanks and sensors, while being both economical and ecologically friendly. Learn more about these RV Care approved products on our website or visit your local RV Care Dealership.

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