Ce qu’il ne faut PAS apporter avec soi en camping

It’s so easy to overpack your RV, only to find your space cluttered and weighed down with unnecessary belongings. Check out our advice on what NOT to pack on your next trip.   

Heavy, breakable dishes

As you’re stocking your RV’s kitchen, skip heavy and breakable dishes and glassware. Not only will it cut down on the weight you’re towing, but it also means less breakage if things shift or fall during the drive. You don’t need to go disposable, there are plenty of stylish, lightweight dishware options like melamine or acrylic. 


It can be a cost savings to pack your firewood with you, but if you’re traveling outside of your own region, you could be unknowingly aiding in the spread of invasive and destructive pests. 

Restricted items for crossing the border

If you’re heading across the US border on your trip, don’t forget to review what items are restricted from entering the country. Firewood is not allowed, and all fruits, vegetables, plants and plant material of any type must be declared and inspected. It’s best to stock your fridge after you’ve crossed.

Excess kitchen equipment

While your kitchen at home may be filled with cooking gadgets and gear, think minimal and multipurpose to make the best use of your limited kitchen space. Embrace simple camping meals, and prepping ingredients at home can be a help as well.    

Your entire wardrobe

Pack for the forecasted weather and the activities you plan to do, and throw in a couple extra warm layers for chilly mornings. Select items that can mix and match for more variety without overloading your limited wardrobe space, and check out our tips for laundry at the campsite.

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